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Complaint Introduction



1. This form is for submitting a complaint about a law practice in Singapore.

2. Complaints submitted to LSRA should be limited to complaints about a law practice not adhering to the privileges and conditions relevant to its licence or registration as defined in the Legal Profession Act 1966 and the Legal Profession (Law Practice Entities) Rules 2015 (e.g. practice of Singapore law by a law practice which is not permitted to do so, a law practice marketing or publicising itself as providing legal services in areas of legal practice in which it is not permitted to provide).

3. Complaints about individual lawyers for inadequate professional service pursuant to Section 75B of the Legal Profession Act 1966, or professional misconduct pursuant to Section 85(1) of the Legal Profession Act 1966 (e.g. alleged dishonesty, fraud, gross overcharging for work done, making misleading statements, divulging confidential information given by the client to his/her lawyer, acting in conflict of interest or acting in breach of the Legal Profession (Professional Conduct) Rules 2015) should be submitted to the Law Society of Singapore.


1. The LSRA e-Services website is best viewed with Microsoft Edge 108, Google Chrome 108 or Safari 16.6.1 and above.

2. This form cannot be saved and must be completed in one session. It may take about 15 minutes to complete the form if you have all the information and supporting documents ready.

3. Before you begin, please read the information on our website about filing a complaint about a law practice.

4. By making an application through LSRA e-Services, you shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed to be legally bound by the Ministry of Law’s Terms of Use and Terms and Conditions for e-Services.

5. The form must be completed in English. Supporting documents must also be in English. Where the original documents are not in English, please provide a certified English translation of the documents.

6. The LSRA may contact you for clarification or additional information. If there are any changes to the application after it has been submitted, please Contact Us @ OneMinLaw (and indicate your application number, if any).  

7. It is the responsibility of the person submitting the complaint to ensure that all information in this form is true and accurate. He/She will be liable for any legal consequences if the information provided is false. LSRA does not accept anonymous complaints.

8. Please note that if you are submitting a complaint on behalf of another person, that person may be copied in correspondence relating to this complaint.

9. The length of time it will take to look into your complaint will depend on the seriousness and complexity of the complaint.

10. If you have any queries, please Contact Us @ OneMinLaw (and indicate your application number, if any).  

Last Updated On: 16/03/2018